Welcome to Help Keep the Earth Green

This Weeks Contest Has A WINNER!!!


Welcome to Help Keep The Earth Green!

Please do the social vibe . If you do colgate will donate money to the American Red Cross! Please help them by clicking the social vibe and doing as it says!!!

I hope this website will inspire you to help make the earth a better place to live. There are many ways you can help, even if you are a kid you can help. One way is to go to disney’s friends for change website and pledge to be a part of it. Many little things can even help. We must stop global warming!!!
If we don’t put a stop to global warming there will be no icebergs left. Ice bergs are melting very fast. If all the ice caps melted sea levels would rise, maybe 20-30 feet. Enough to flood large areas of many coastal cities, such as NYC, San Francisco, Calcutta, Singapore, and Beijing. Just Imagine what the Earth would be like! If we don’t change our ways lot’s of land will be flooded, leaving millons of people homeless. (Those people could include you!) I hope this site will make you want to help me save the Earth!!!


12 thoughts on “Welcome to Help Keep the Earth Green

  1. Hi, I from http://pspbex.wordpress.com
    you went there minutes ago!!!
    Listen, your site is amazing, great attitude, the earth needs help, and must by making this site I think you’re making difference !!!
    Congrats !!!

    You can count with me

    I’ll pass this website for all my friends !! and I’ll make a pledge on Disney Friends for Change!! rsrs

    Ps: Sorry about my english, I’m from Brazil!!

  2. Cool site. Tell us more. Thanks for looking up my own site: The End of the Road: The Twisted Tale o American Horsepower. I am esp glad because I thought it was not working this week. Maybe they fixed it. Glad to support you, glad to have your support. Its going to take all of us. A.I.G.

  3. I’ll definitely do my bit to keep our earth green.
    Also I have a suggestion for Futuristic movie makers – please show plants and animals with all the other high-tech devices of the future…

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