Hi Every one who loves the Earth,

Everyday we are hurting the only place where we can live. This place is where we were born, die, and continue to live now in the present. All of you must be doing your best to “be Green” right. Some people of this world are “Trashers” they don’t care and don’t believe in global warming. They tell us that we are perfectly fine in what we are doing and that we have had Ice Ages before….and they go on forever talking about why they don’t believe it. We the believers must show the rest of the world that one day our children won’t see the world if we hurt our planet more. We must show non-believers what we can do! This website is going to help us do that and give tips to everyone. Please join our team on to telling the “trashers” what they are doing and open their hearts. Now, go on tell the world about this website and have them sign their name as a comment. By doing this we will know how many people agree with us.

  Thank You For Reading,

Stephanie Lorrise

Or Superstar4772

P.S I am a new author on this website


2 thoughts on “Trashers

  1. Couple things you might post for the education of us masses.
    What is the earth’s normal temp?
    What can I, a regular work a day person really do.
    Yes I’m one of those fossil fuel burners, quite a lot really. I own one of those trucks that bring your food, clothing, and Play Stations to you local store.
    My truck runs through about 20,000 gallons of fuel per year, and if I could reduce it by 10%, that would have a greater effect than anything the average person could do. But for all their talk, none of the geniuses are bringing forward the changes that will make this possible.
    Don’t take my comment wrong, I’m with you on this. A savings of 2,000 gallons of burned fuel is good for the air quality and would effectively put $6,000 a year back in my pocket. A “Win Win” for everyone
    So, how about some ideas. Long term, I know we’re going to some other form of energy, but in the short term, we should be looking at making our current system as efficient as possible.
    So far, all the new regulations thrown at the transportation industry have resulted in heavy truck that burn more, not less fuel.
    Just so you know. My 9 year old Freightliner gets a little over 7 miles per gallon while moving 45,000 pounds of freight. A new truck doing the same work uses a gallon of fuel in 6 miles.
    Seems like the environmental rules are taking us out backwards.
    If somebody is out there, sitting on ideas, please share them. My truck is available to test ideas.
    Best to you.
    R. Klaus

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