Thanksgiving….Let’s Thank the Earth

Hello Folks,

Thanksgiving is coming up and all off you must be excited for the meal….but there is something more important than that. Thanksgiving is the time to think about what your are thank full for. A lot people say friends, family, god, video games, food, shelther….but has anyone ever said Earth? We should thank the Earth, the Earth has provided us with many things and we should give back to it by saying thanks.  Let’s all go out on Thankgiving and show our thanks by planting a flower inside your home. Since it is close to winter the weather is getting cold. Then when it is Spring and your flower is still healthy and growing, plant it in your garden. When you do plant it in your garden during the Spring please put newspaper in the soil. Not only is it recycling, but when the worms eat the newpaper…they poop…which as you already know fertilizes the soil. I kind of went off topic there. So let’s Thank the only place where we can surive..our home Earth.

Have A Great Day and Thanksgiving!

Stephanie Lorrise

Or Superstar4772

P.S Read the Vegetarian article so don’t eat the TURKEY eat mashed potatoes and corn instead!!! THAT IS GOOD!!!


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