Smencils!! A good way to smell the feeling of doing good!!!

Hi Friends,

Have any of you heard of smencils? They are pencils, however they are made out of 100% Reycled Newspaper and have a great smell to them. So by using these products you would be “Going Green” for sure and having great pencils too. You are saving trees one pencil at a time. So that is giving back to the Earth for using paper. This is what the people from the company say.” Being responsible for the environment is an important part of doing business in today’s world.
That’s why we’ve made sure the materials and processes that go into making Smencils are healthy
for the environment. In manufacturing Smencils, we use recycled newspapers, environmentally friendly fragrances, corn-based biodegradable plastic tubes,and biodegradable erasers. The scents used to make Smencils are the same as those used to make soaps and candles, which are safe for reasonable personal use as tested by the manufacturers. By using corn-based biodegradable plastic, even Smencil packaging is environmentally friendly.” Lets see if we can make everyone stop using other pencils and use smencils. I have some and goly gee they smell great and are so much fun to use….if you feel the smencil…you can tell that it has been made of out newspaper. If you would love to learn more about Smencils, or order them then go to their website.

Thank You Earthlings,

Sehal Shah

Or Superstar4772

P.S Hope ur luving the articles i have made 3 so far and i will also be a photographer and will be taking pics !!!!

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