Hello people of Earth and beyond! (In case your from mars!!! and snuck onto a space shuttle!) So the people of have been copying my site and using it to make their site cool. So i have decided to start a petition so we can ban that website for ever!!!!! And if u want proof they copied the fisker karma and u can find it on my site at and they also copied smenciles and for that u can go to my site( and look for that post. Also if u want to help with the petition here’s how it works…
first we will warn them cause i know the owner then we shall email the owners of wordpress who will ban their site forever!!!!!!



If you want to get a ad on my site, you only have to do one thing! All you have to do is subscribe to my blog and then commetn on my site telling me your website, your name to be displayed, and a small discription of your site and in less than a week your site will be listed on my site and if I can get permission it will also be on Tennis98’s site and Pks98’s sites. I will also try my best to get it on Scikids site if the owner will let me!


I would like to introduce the question of the day! Everyday when I have time I will make a poll and you will answer it!

Super Games!

Hello World!!

Now not only do I own a Earth website, but a game website!

To go on it go to

There aren’t any games yet but will soon be flooded with games!

Also if you have any favorite games send me the link and i will add it to my site!

A Comment

Yesterday  I got a comment from klausrl. Here are the answers!

The average temperature of the Earth is 15 degrees celcius.

To see what an average person can do go to the 50 other ways to go green and save the earth pages.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Since I am a vegetarian i would like all of you to enjoy some vegetarian thanksgiving dishes! To do so click on the following banner!

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Did you know that being a vegetarian can be helpful to the Earth!?!? For an explanation go to the ‘Become Vegetarian to be Green Page’!