Eco-Friendly DIY Projects

Hello fellow Earthlings,
Many of are probably enjoying a busy summer! But, for those of us who have a little extra time on our hands, why not create beautiful things! It is indeed incredible what you can make out of recycled or used objects. I will start posting tutorials for many earth friendly projects. This is a good idea for giving handmade gifts to friends and family. Plus, believe or not it is exciting and consumes your time. So, stay tuned for videos and pictures of Eco Friendly DIY Projects.

Over and Out,
Aka Sehal


Give Ideas!!!


I made this post just for 1 reason. Yep, just 1 reason, people of Earth. That reason is for you excellent humans or cats (sorry dogs) is to give us ideas about help keeping the Earth green or making it a better place to live for this and future generations. Please make a comment or comments about ideas on how to do so. You can also give an idea of a post we can make. Also, we can give you credit if you would like. So please tell your family, teacher, classmates, and friends about this website and make sure they give us ideas. This site is filled with fun ideas on making the Earth Go Green and helping it stay that way. We also really need ideas  from you intelligent folks. You, yes you as homosaphians have tons of ideas you can tell us. Thanks!

Sehal Shah

or Superstar4772

Help Feed America-Grow Good Farms

Hello Homospahians (Humans) cats, dogs, frogs, and other living things,

A lot of you are very forunate to get great food everyday and have a computer like the one your one right now to email, play, and do homework on.

Too bad for thousands of other people who aren’t as forunate. Because of the downturn we are having in this economy tons of humans are starving. Luckily, there is a simple fun way for them to get food. Go to and make an account. Then, scroll down and click on Grow Good Farms. Everyday you must go to your “farm”, give water, and sunlight to the “plants.” Once they grow, you use the plants to make a pizza. With every pizza you make, Grow Good Farms (Millsberry) will give a charity called Help Feed America $0.30 to $1.00. This charity will make sure less forunate earthlings will get to enjoy food like we do. So, please do this simple thing. This may not be making the Earth greener, however it does make Earth a better place to live.


Sehal Shah

or Superstar4772

Thanks For Reading!!!

That is WRONG!!!

(This is a comment regarding the article “Pettion”)

Yes, we need to banned them. That is really wrong, and I wrote that article smencils. Isn’t it illegal too,  I know I am going into copyrighting material……..

Anyways, you get my point. 

Sehal Shah

or Superstar4772

The attack of recycled aluminum foil


Not a lot of kids use aluminum foil anymore…only for projects and stuff in that category.  However, surely our parents use it for cooking and if you cook you probably do to.  Of course you know you can recycle aluminum foil, so tell your family to buy the 100% recycled aluminum foil aluminum foil. By doing this your helping the earth be green and your saving money. So tell your parents to RECYCLE the foil and buy the recycled ones.

Thank You For Reading Humans,

Sehal Shah



Smencils!! A good way to smell the feeling of doing good!!!

Hi Friends,

Have any of you heard of smencils? They are pencils, however they are made out of 100% Reycled Newspaper and have a great smell to them. So by using these products you would be “Going Green” for sure and having great pencils too. You are saving trees one pencil at a time. So that is giving back to the Earth for using paper. This is what the people from the company say.” Being responsible for the environment is an important part of doing business in today’s world.
That’s why we’ve made sure the materials and processes that go into making Smencils are healthy
for the environment. In manufacturing Smencils, we use recycled newspapers, environmentally friendly fragrances, corn-based biodegradable plastic tubes,and biodegradable erasers. The scents used to make Smencils are the same as those used to make soaps and candles, which are safe for reasonable personal use as tested by the manufacturers. By using corn-based biodegradable plastic, even Smencil packaging is environmentally friendly.” Lets see if we can make everyone stop using other pencils and use smencils. I have some and goly gee they smell great and are so much fun to use….if you feel the smencil…you can tell that it has been made of out newspaper. If you would love to learn more about Smencils, or order them then go to their website.

Thank You Earthlings,

Sehal Shah

Or Superstar4772

P.S Hope ur luving the articles i have made 3 so far and i will also be a photographer and will be taking pics !!!!

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Thanksgiving….Let’s Thank the Earth

Hello Folks,

Thanksgiving is coming up and all off you must be excited for the meal….but there is something more important than that. Thanksgiving is the time to think about what your are thank full for. A lot people say friends, family, god, video games, food, shelther….but has anyone ever said Earth? We should thank the Earth, the Earth has provided us with many things and we should give back to it by saying thanks.  Let’s all go out on Thankgiving and show our thanks by planting a flower inside your home. Since it is close to winter the weather is getting cold. Then when it is Spring and your flower is still healthy and growing, plant it in your garden. When you do plant it in your garden during the Spring please put newspaper in the soil. Not only is it recycling, but when the worms eat the newpaper…they poop…which as you already know fertilizes the soil. I kind of went off topic there. So let’s Thank the only place where we can surive..our home Earth.

Have A Great Day and Thanksgiving!

Stephanie Lorrise

Or Superstar4772

P.S Read the Vegetarian article so don’t eat the TURKEY eat mashed potatoes and corn instead!!! THAT IS GOOD!!!